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OER Repository of Guttman Community College: Math

MATH 103, 103A & 103B: Statistics

Course: MATH 103, 103A and 103B

Title: Statistics

Professor: Ghaderi

Math 103B: Statistics B

Course: MATH 103B

Title: Statistics B

Professor: Zambrano

Statistics B OER Resources

Title: Statistics B OER Resources

Professor: Lim

MATH 120: Algebra and Trigonometry

Course: MATH 120

Title: Algebra and Trigonometry

Author: Jay Abramson with additional revisions made by Keino Brown, Forest Fisher, and Jared Warner

Math Stories

Title: Math Stories

Professor: Feliciano

MATH 103: Statistics

opens to course homepage.

Course: MATH 103

Title: Statistics

Professor: Ghaderi

Stats with Torres

Subject: Statistics

Title: Stats with Torres

Professor: Torres