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Information Literacy at Guttman: A Faculty Toolkit

Use this guide to locate information literacy lessons you can adapt for your courses.

Reading & Annotating Texts

For short tutorials that guide students on how to read academic and/or complex texts, visit Excelsior's Online Reading Lab. Each module covers an important aspect of reading (previewing, questioning, annotating, paraphrasing) and offers strategies to deepen reading comprehension.

In addition, this activity, created by librarian Linda Miles at Hostos Community College, asks students to apply critical reading annotation techniques in order to develop a deeper understanding of an academic text.

Materials: Critical Reading Annotation Exercise – Instructions for Students (Critical Reading Annotation-Student Instructions), academic texts to be analyzed

Time: a single class period with additional practice throughout the course

Critical Reading Annotation Exercise by Linda Miles is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.