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Information Literacy at Guttman: A Faculty Toolkit

Use this guide to locate information literacy lessons you can adapt for your courses.

Identifying Genres of Information

Use this activity to help students distinguish between information types. To prep, identify three web resources (e.g., a newspaper article, scholarly article, published interview, a blog...). Then navigate students to the links (post them to eportfolio or Blackboard) and ask them to answer the questions on the following handout. Alternatively, assign this handout as a research log and ask students to use it to record citation information for the sources they select for their research.

Popular vs. Scholarly Articles

Use this activity to help student recognize various types (genres) of information and how they may be useful in the research process.

Primary vs. Secondary Sources

Understanding the Information Cycle

Use this activity to help students understand how information is created in order to help them recognize the purpose and process of its creation.